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The Blood Miles: Chapter 11

What happened to Chris when he was ten.

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The Blood Miles Audiobook
The Blood Miles Audiobook
Andrew Moody

First came the rebellion, then the madness.On the day he saves his fortress-town from raiders, Chris Walker makes a devastating discovery that will overturn everything he believes and force him to leave the safety of his home. As he heads out into a shattered land, Chris must fight for his life and battle his own demons as well. Will he find a cure for the Tox that is spreading through his nervous system? Will he learn the terrifying secrets of its origin?



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Andrew Moody lives and writes in Melbourne, Australia. He sometimes works as a lay theologian, sometimes as a graphic designer, and was the inaugural editor of The Gospel Coalition Australia from 2016 to 2023.* Andrew is married to Jenny and they have two grown-up children.

* You can see some more of his old TGCA posts here.