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    Spooky Stories and the Lord of Halloween

    I like a spooky story. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe it’s unhealthy. Maybe I should be more reformed and less medieval—more Zwingli and less Luther, as Carl Trueman would put it. I know there are definite dangers in thinking too much about spooky things—of drifting into a superstitious mindset where intermediate powers control the ups and downs of life. I know…

  • The Blood Miles Podcast

    The Blood Miles: Chapter 1

    We meet Chris Walker, occasional gravedigger and town sniper as he defends the fortress town of Spillan from wasteland marauders. This excerpt from The Blood Miles is provided by Brightmettle Audio. To find out more about the book, visit thebloodmiles.com. To hear other chapters as they come out, subscribe to the podcast below. Episodes released twice a week. See other episodes here.…

  • Still image from the opening of Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ movie.

    Considering Barbie (and Marriage and Singleness)

    Being human can be very uncomfortable … People make up things like the patriarchy and Barbie to endure how uncomfortable it is. Jen and I saw Barbie over the weekend. We both liked it; were both surprised by it. I thought it was funny and smart and multi-layered to a degree that I still haven’t fathomed. The film’s reframing of…

  • Cover illustration of Tolkien's "Smith of Wootton Major" by Pauline Baynes.

    What’s the Point of Christian Fiction?

    What’s the point of Christian fiction? Can it do any good? Should it even exist? These are some of the questions I have been mulling over as I have been working on several novels over the last ten (or thirty) years or so. I have found them difficult to answer, but here are some scattered ideas that I have tried…

  • William Morris Hunt, “Stag in the Moonlight” (Altered), ca. 1857
    Creative Projects

    The Little Hunter Who Ran on Water

    One of the projects I am currently working on has required me to generate several background myth-cycles. Here is a story from one of those mythologies. In the larger novel it appears as a tale from a children’s book called, “Tales From Lands Afar”. Perceptive readers might recognise allusions to several other stories from the real world within it. Here…

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    Medieval Bikkies for Jen

    Back in June 2021, I made some bikkies for Jen’s birthday. I wanted to copy Dr Ella Hawkins’ amazing and painstakingly hand-painted masterpieces but I didn’t have the skill / patience / time / eyesight. Fortunately, I do have a bit of technical cunning, so I found a whole lot of images of illuminated manuscripts online, cropped and imposed them…

  • Image composite of book and light using original photographs from unsplash.com
    Talks & Papers

    Reading and Writing – Literal Magic

    I recently had the opportunity to talk about “Reading and Writing to the Glory of God” at the RTC in Melbourne. Here is an expanded version of some of what I said. Is there anything closer to magic than reading and writing? The idea that by making some marks on a page, you can send your very thoughts into another…