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Introducing The Blood Miles

The Blood Miles is a homage to The Pilgrim’s Progress set in a post-apocalyptic Antipodes. Survivors of a failed war of independence shelter in fortress towns. Plague-crazed Savages stalk the hinterlands.

The Blood Miles is a story designed to stand on its own—the testimony of 18-year-old Chris Walker, as he battles to survive the wasteland and searches for a cure. But it is also a myth. It takes symbols from its Puritan predecessor and brings them into a modern world where things are the same, but also different.

The Blood Miles is about how it feels to live in a world that is at war with its true Government. It is about living as a dissident when progress seems slow, failures abound, and when help seems far away.

I love Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and so when I heard that Andrew Moody was writing a post-apocalyptic transformation of the story, I just had to get my hands on it. And it did not disappoint! The world of the Autonomous Zone is vivid and richly imagined, its characters diverse and beautifully rendered, its insights into human nature mature and incisive. Not only that, but the deep spiritual truths to be mined from these pages left me thinking about the story for some time after I finished it. A book as thought-provoking and spiritually rich as the beloved Christian classic it is based on, but with its own original flair and fresh application for modern issues, The Blood Miles is a story to be devoured in one sitting, then closely contemplated over many more.
(J. J. Fischer, author of The Nightingale Trilogy and The Soul Mark Duology.

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